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Can anyone plz come save me i need a friend I Wanting Horny People

Can anyone plz come save me i need a friend


The Intercontinental was popular with foreign visitors - which is why, on 20 January, Nee gunmen stormed it, killing at least 40 people. Vasileios explains how he survived. I had decided to go for dinner early - at six o'clock - with my friend, another pilot called Michael Poulikakos.

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Then after 10 or 20 seconds I heard some people with English accents also shouting, "Police!

I thought, "This is the second time today that I have escaped with my life. I had heard the guys collecting some of the clothes from my closet, then they took the carpets and poured a lot of diesel on them.

I made the bed with the mattress on it look a little bit untidy, and the other one - the one I had removed the mattress from - look tidy. We had lost so many friends - so many people that we used to work with - pilots, operational personnel, engineers. Sometimes they landed in room and sometimes they exploded outside the open door of my room. Then he tried to set a new fire using a blowtorch, but soon was out of gas.

Just across the corridor from me was an air steward and some other pilots that I'd worked with. I enjoy every single moment of life and feel grateful for what I have. I had no idea how many attackers there were or anyons they were in the building, and jumping from the fifth floor wasn't wise, so I said to myself, "Vasileios, stay inside and try to do as much as possible to protect yourself. Snipers never miss at that distance, but in the split second that they'd fired I'd moved my body to grab the cables, and the bullets had just missed me.

About an hour-and-a-half passed, and although I didn't know it at the time the attackers had by now killed almost everyone in the lobby, the restaurant, and on the first and second floors of the hotel. By about One of them said to me, "OK, I'm gonna take you down, but listen, I have to have a photo with you before we go," and I said I'd like to have a photo to remember that moment too.

I could see a man on the ground covered in blood and I could hear gunfire coming from inside and outside the hotel.

Again I felt lucky to still be alive. A gunman in room was answering that gunfire with a Kalashnikov.

One of the guys came and sat on the bed that I was inside. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs had told my family that they had evacuated all the survivors from the hotel, but that they xnyone found me, so my family thought I hadn't made it. Please contact your tax advisor. He disappeared after a few minutes.

But as I emerged, I suddenly heard the sound of breaking windows. I had survived when those guys first came into my room and had shot at the other bed, not the one that I was underneath.

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I realised how lucky it was that I wasn't in the restaurant at that moment and said to myself, "OK Vasileios, you have to do something in order to survive. It was coming from room but then the same thing began happening in my room and I had to try to protect myself very quickly.

I had survived when the sniper's bullets had missed me. I was holding this single bed up with my fists and the tip of my toes, supporting cme weight of the bed. Concentrate instead on creating good moments and being around good people, because life is so beautiful. I could see a little, because the bed was elevated about 10cm into the air. The authorities said it was too dangerous to retrieve their bodies, but four friends of the men decided to take the risk - and seven weeks later they descended Caj the dark and glacial waters.

I was black with smoke so they couldn't see my face anyobe the four commandos were shouting, "Stay down! Between 9. Each time they would laugh afterwards, like they were just playing around, or like it was a big party or something. One of them whispered: "This must be a ghost!

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Sometimes nothing. You may also be interested in: image copyrightJarkko Virtanen In February two divers died fridnd a depth of more than m in a huge cave system in Norway. They took all of the survivors to the British base in Kabul. The fire was quickly put out but I was now soaked to the skin in cold water in a room without windows or doors, on a cold Kabul night, when the outside temperature was about -3C.

I thought that the international forces would take over somehow, so I decided that if I just stayed where I was and did nothing, I'd be OK. Since I couldn't hear ccome around, I decided that I'd come out. Around The Intercontinental was popular with foreign visitors - which is why, on 20 January, Taliban gunmen stormed it, killing at least 40 people.

I heard gunfire from a pistol, one shot, and I thought that in the next few seconds I was probably going to die. Your must be in good standing to receive your referral reward.

Toxic Friendship: 24 s, Effects, and Tips

As soon as I saw my colleague Michael there I was so happy, I couldn't believe it. Offer may not be combined with any other introductory offer. Statement Credits you receive may be taxable to you.

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